Monday, May 9, 2011

Top 10 Craft Supplies

One of the questions I get asked a lot is about my favorite craft supplies. I've gathered up my top ten for you today. These are the ten items I must have in my studio at all times. Links are below and after that I've included a little glossary-style description of each item so you know why I love it:

1. Scor-It-All
2. Paper Shapers Craft Punches
3. Zip Dry Paper Glue
4. 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive
5. Chain Nose Pliers
6. Embossing Heat Tool
7. Glue Dots
8. Martha Stewart Glitter
9. Tiny Scissors
10. Gocco Grrl Screen Cleaner (not pictured)

Why, you ask? I'll tell you why:

Scor-It-All:  Makes perfect, easy creases in any thickness of paper. Whether you're folding a few pieces or a hundred at a time, this will make it infinitely easier.

Paper Shapers Punches: The only paper punches I've found that glide smoothly time and again. No jamming or tearing to deal with. And the best part? Their new slim collection folds compactly so storage is a breeze.

Zip Dry Glue: The only paper glue I've found that doesn't warp the paper. It dries clear, and it's incredibly strong.

Super 77 Spray Glue: The only solution for gluing tiny particles; or if you need a more professionally-finished look to your glued pieces. This goes on evenly, and you have  a few seconds to reposition before it dries.

Chain Nose Pliers: Of course, they're important for making jewelry. But they're also great for picking up tiny bits (rhinestones, brads, etc.) And they're the best for taking shanks off of covered buttons. Or pinching your husband if he's getting on your nerves.

Embossing Heat Tool: You use this for embossing--duh. But embossing is fun, and practically impossible without this little gem. I also like it for making glue and ink dry quicker.

Glue Dots: Perfect for quick projects or when tiny parts need to be adhered. I don't use them for everything; in fact, I kind of think of glue dots as the lazy-crafter's glue. So use them sparingly, and definitley don't use them if you're trying to glue down a whole piece of paper, ok?

Martha Stewart Glitter: Who doesn't like glitter? Janitors, maybe. But glitter makes me happy. And Martha Stewart's version is so easy to work with, and comes in so many pretty colors. And glitter is the perfect mistake-hider. 

Tiny Scissors I find myself reaching for these almost daily. And not just because they're cute and tiny. But they're perfect for cutting loose threads, ribbon, and the pieces that your cricut missed. I've also found they're quite helpful when I'm having a bad hair day. 

Gocco Grrl Screen Cleaner: Does anybody use gocco anymore? I do. I know it's a dying thing; and that makes me sad. But finding affordable substitutions makes me happy. This screen cleaner is gentle, effective, and so much more affordable than Gocco's version. 

That's it. Did I miss anything? What can you absolutely NOT live without?

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km said...

I LOVE HATE it when you post like this. LOVE it because YOU always have the best ideas for supplies! I HATE IT because you make me buy all this stuff... heheheheh... :) Thanks for your INSPIRATION! HAPPY belated MOM'S DAY!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxo