Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Have you found One Sweet Find?

Do you have a friend who always nabs the best vintage finds? You know that girl--she's the one who emerges from the flea market with an exquisite, unique piece for mere pennies. I have a couple friends like that, and I'm always baffled at how they do it. When I visit the flea market, all I come away with are tired feet and a couple churros. Lucky for me one of my fab vintage-hunting friends is willing to share.

Meet Jackie of One Sweet Find. You probably know her as Jackie of Sweetie Pie Style. However you know her, Jackie is the one behind the beautifully curated and thoughtfully edited Etsy shop One Sweet Find. She recently updated her shop, check out some of her most recent finds:

Matte White Boy Bust

Basket Weave Cups

Abstract Landscape

Pedestal Bowl

Brass Whale

I'm really dying over that sweet little brass whale.
I especially love how any of Jackie's pieces could be incorporated into your decor, and look like a prized family heirloom. I may just have to tag along on one of her shopping trips to figure out exactly how she does it.


Jackie said...

What a wonderfully sweet post Christina! Thank you so much! I was cracking up over the tired feet and some churros part! Don't worry, sometimes that's all I leave with too. Next time I hit up Alameda I'll see if you want to tag along! But you must bring your game face ;)

fyek said...

I DO have a friend like that! And yes, that brass whale!! Love!