Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thank You Collection

I'm so excited to have "official" photos to share with you. My Thank You collection is now available in my shop. Hooray! I've been working hard on this project the last several weeks, and I'm so excited to see it become a reality. 





The best part? Teaming up with some of my favorite people on this project. 
The next best part? The price. $6.00 for 12 cards. Not too shabby.
If you're lucky enough to live in my hometown, go grab some at my folk's store; and definitely check out the coordinating recipe cards while you're there. 


Jessica said...

My goodness girl you are so amazingly talented! I'm glad that people like you have skills that I can benefit from because otherwise I don't think I'd ever give anyone a card if it was up to my own creativity. :) They are adorable!

Jennifer said...

I think your cards are beautiful. In regards to your previous post about putting yourself more in the photos I really want to make that a goal of mine - thanks for making me think about doing that.

km said...

I WISH I could visit your mom and dad's shop!!! I would buy EVERYTHING! :):)