Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspiration Board: Happy Nursery

My little sister and her husband are having a baby girl this summer. While we eagerly anticipate kissing that sweet little face, there are plenty of details to keep us busy. I'm so excited that my sister asked me to help her design the nursery. Even if she hadn't asked, I probably would have forced myself on her, and that would have been awkward. I get a little excited about this sort of thing. Have you noticed?

Here's my first inspiration board for the project (yep, working on a couple more at this very moment).
She chose the bedding and told me what they're after: kind of a home-spun vibe; coordinated, yet not too perfectly matched. A few of her must-haves included extra storage, some DIY opportunities, and lots of color. I think this fits the bill quite nicely.

Get the look
Lamp and Shade
Yarn Letter
Balloon Print
Twig Hooks
Polkadot Pillow
Scalloped Garland
Bird Knobs
Toy Chest

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was great--awesome weather, first tee ball game of the season, and some peace and quiet. Subtract my little stint in traffic school and you'd have a perfect weekend. Traffic school is worthy of an entirely separate blog post...seriously, great stuff. Even the story of my infraction is pretty great, too. ;)

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Cherry Blossoms said...

I like it especially the yarn letter. I just may have to order one for miss Elle's room.