Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Lots of things are awkward about this post. The first and most awkward being that I put pictures of myself on my blog. That feels weird to me. And embarrassing. But one of my goals for the year was to step out of my comfort zone...and this is definitely way out of the safety zone for me. So here's a little awkwardness for you, along with the photography skills of my five-year-old.

Charlotte wanted in on the action. She's not shy about this sort of thing. I should take a page out of her book. A few more awkward things: it looks like my toes have been chopped off. I'm actually wearing shoes but our grass is too long to see them. So enjoy those club feet I'm sporting today. Also awkward: the amount of time that has passed since we cut the lawn.

Now the real reason for taking the pictures. I made my necklace last night...but I've been deliberating about the length all day. I wanted something long, but perhaps this is too long. Or not long enough? I can't tell. I need a second opinion. So the purpose of taking the pictures was to ask my mom and sister if the length of the necklace is awkward. But then I figured I'd take it step further and just ask all of you.

So what do you think? Awkward necklace? Awkward pictures? Let's hear it.
I can't decide if the necklace needs something else. Maybe a heavier chain?  It's just a silver leaf on a simple silver chain. I went back and forth over adding a few sparkly dangly bits or some tiny pearls interspersed in the chain, but then decided to leave it alone. What do you think?

And since you can't see the necklace in question all that good in the above pictures (my "photographer" and I are still fine-tuning the process). Here's a better view of the necklace. You just have to promise not to laugh and my 45 double chins. Or go ahead and laugh if you need to. Everyone needs a good laugh once in a while. I can take one for the team.
Have a great Tuesday.
And a big Happy Birthday to my friend, Erin. I love you to bits!


Jenni Johansen said...

So funny, I love the way you write. I think the necklace is so cute - perhaps add another thin chain?

Ashley said...

I love the necklace. and these pictures. :)

Rachel said...

I think the length is perfect. I like plain and simple, so I don't think anything needs to be added. And trust me, there is nothing awkward about this post.

Wahzat Gayle said...

I see nothing awkward. I understand being shy, but luckily you are gorgeous so you have nothing to worry about :)

Love the length of the necklace and love the necklace too.

km said...

I wish I was there to photograph you!! Not that your photographer isn't great! BUT I have tricks so you don't realize you are in front of the camera. :) :) Soooo plan a visit here while you are location hunting. :) and for the record-- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! YOU are STUNNING! and the necklace is WONDERFUL! I think the length is PERFECT! xoxoxox

Erin said...

Awww I just saw this! Thanks!
As for your post: Love the length. And you look like a model in your pictures-don't be embarrassed!

Erin said...

I think the length is perfect! Adorable necklace and it could totally go with anything. And you are adorable!

Priscila said...

Loved the necklace!! and you do look like your profile picture hehe, but more beautiful! love your blog.

PS~Erin said...

Love this entry of yours. You're adorable. And not the least bit awkward. :-)

Julie said...