Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dream Kitchen

While at my folks house last week, I picked up a new catalog and started flipping through it. It was filled with the Martha Stewart for Home Depot line (see above). And ever since, I can't stop daydreaming about my perfect kitchen. I've always been partial to white kitchens, but this grey Ox Hill kitchen has me reconsidering.

Let me be clear, although my mind may wander into grey territory occasionally, my inspiration file is still filled with white kitchens. Take a peek into my imagination:

via {this is glamorous}
An apron-front sink (or two, perhaps?) falls into the "necessity" category for my dream kitchen. Oh, and fresh flowers are a must, of course. 

via the red bungalow
 Ok, open shelving scares me a bit. If you want to know why, just come take a peek at my studio. Scary. But since we're talking dream kitchen, can my dream include the ability to be a perfect housekeeper? Or a maid? 

via decor8, photo by Virginia Macdonald
With that maid tending to my home kitchen, I've found oodles of time to run a sweet little bakery in my spare time...didn't you hear? Nope, it's not the typical industrial-looking commercial kitchen. I wanted mine to feel more homey and feminine.

via valdirose
Oh, and this is my country home. I've been out picking berries for our waffles this morning. Won't you join us?

via My Sweet Savannah

We'll sit side-by-side at my rustic, tough (yet very chic) table that B made last weekend. We reclaimed the wood from an old barn down the street that was being torn down. Because that was the responsible thing to do.

Do you have requirements for your dream kitchen(s)? Or are you lucky enough to have yours all ready?


Daphne said...

Your imagination is running wild. Love the maid reference. The kitchen is very beautiful and serene. I love apron front sinks. I have one!

km said...

me want! me want! HOW BLISSFUL would cooking be in these magical kitchens? OH my...

Laminate Flooring Pro said...

Lovely dream kitchen plans, I must admit! All photos are beautiful, so relaxing and fresh. My dream kitchen will also be white...with a beautiful garden view and rustic touches. And yes I will join you for berry picking ;)