Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 Printable Calendars

On the last day of preschool before Christmas, we arrived early--Hudson proudly carrying a gift for his teacher: a plate of cookies and a calendar we'd printed at home. His teacher seemed genuinely delighted with the calendar. I didn't understand her delight until I watched every single student walk in with a plate of cookies for the teacher.

A printable calendar is one of my favorite holiday shortcuts. Buy it once, print as many as you need. They're perfect for teachers, friends, co-workers...everyone. Here's my round-up of the best printable calendars this year:

from Mufn Inc.

from Twisted Fibre

from yaelfran

lemonade paperie

Lisa Samartino Atlier

blue tricycle

And in case you were wondering...we'll still be taking cookies with our calendar this year. :) You just can't mess with tradition.


KM said...

I'd want them all if I had a good printer!!! They are all so fantastic. This year I did a spiral bound monthly photo calendar for family stocking stuffers. :)

Wahzat Gayle said...

These are awesome!
Love them

Anonymous said...

i had to go get that one from bluetricycle. LOVE it!
i linked you in my post about it...

hope you're having a wonderful day!