Monday, November 1, 2010

Hand-Stitched Place Cards

Happy November! It's that time of year when families and friends gather 'round the table. So here's a quick, inexpensive place card that will pull your table setting together. After all, the magic is in the details, right?

Step 1: Gather your supplies (two colors of card stock, a scrap of patterned paper, needle, embroidery floss, awl).
Step 2: Print the names of your guests on the lighter piece of card stock. Just remember, you'll be embroidering them, so choose a font that's not too complicated. As an alternative to printing, you can hand-write the names (or have your kids do it!) 

Step 3: Using the awl (or needle, if you don't have an awl handy) poke holes along the printed text. 
Step 4: Thread your needle. I used four strands of embroidery floss, but you may have to adjust depending on the size of your font.
Step 5: Anchor the end of your floss to the backside of your paper using scotch tape. 
Step 6: Start stitching. I usually go up through the first hole, down through the second, up through the third, back down through the second. Continue with that pattern until the entire name is stitched.
Step 7: Tape the end of the floss to the back of the paper to hold it in place.
Step 8: Cut the stitched paper to desired size and glue to the patterned paper.
Step 9: Cut the patterned paper to desired size and glue to place card.
Step 10: Set the table and enjoy!


Patricia Torres said...

It looks gorgeous!! You make it look really easy as well.. I'll give it a go during the festive season..

Kelly said...

that looks so good! Beautiful job.

Ashley said...

Wow. So simple and so beautiful. What a great idea. I bet your Thanksgiving tables are always breathtaking.

Daphne said...

What a great idea. I know cross stiching so this will be easy just not sure if I would find the time but I might give it a try for xmas. I love the idea of kids writing them (mine aren't old enough yet but great idea).

off switch said...

such a good idea! you're full of it, christina - in the best way possible! xo.

KM said...

I love these!

Lindsay said...

Great idea!