Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween PJ's

The kids haven't popped by the blog all week. They were begging me to show you their Halloween PJ's. 

Here, Charlotte's practicing her makeup application skills with my lens cap. She wants to make sure she's got the technique mastered by her first birthday.

A little morning refrigerator literacy session in progress. All of his words run together, but if you look close you'll see the words: "cat" (spelled with a K), "log", "cow", and "pee." He was really pleased about putting "pee" on the fridge all by himself.


KM said...

LOVE. love. Love. I don't think any holiday is complete with out PJs to help celebrate!!!

Natalie said...

love your blog, just stumbled upon it! Your kids are precious! I just bought my little one the cutest christmas pjs this week- gotta stock up early right? holiday pjs are too precious not to buy! i'm your newest follower:)

Noe said...

Contenders for the cutest kids ever...thanks for the pics!