Monday, October 25, 2010

Garage of my Dreams

Today I'm daydreaming about a garage makeover. Clean white ceiling; crisp, bright colors; and so organized it hurts.

Check out these photos of Annie Selke's garage. Love those stripes.

If you can't find me while Hudson's in preschool today, I'll be painting the inside of my garage door hot pink:

For those who are too tough for hot pink, just add a little blue: 

Hanging up unused car seats, and a tray for boots = brilliant.

And don't forget to dedicate a corner of the garage to gardening: 

eek! It's not even Halloween yet, and my spring cleaning/project list just got a whole lot longer. :)

Photos: 1& 2 House Beautiful; 3, House Beautiful; 4. house to home 5. Real Simple; 6. DIY


Closet Confections said...

I'd be thoroughly impressed if I ever met someone with a garage that clean. Good luck!


Kelly said...

OOH! what great ideas!

KM said...


Katie said...

i want that garage!!!

Wahzat Gayle said...

What wonderful inspiration just as I was thinking about HOW to fix my garage! Wonderful