Friday, May 7, 2010

Poop, Stitches, and a Lizard

Those three things pretty much sum up my day yesterday. The day began just as any other day: baths for the kids, unloading the dishwasher, throwing in some laundry. Really, quite unremarkable. The adventure began when I decided to run some errands before our lunchtime play date.

First stop: office store. As we pull into the parking lot, I smell poop. Pretty normal occurrence around here. The only thing is, I used all the wipes on the previous day's blowout, and forgot to replace the package. I had to scrounge around and ended up cleaning poor Charlotte with a combination of bottled water and an old burp cloth. Not pretty. But totally my fault for being forgetful.

Second stop: Old Navy. Needed to buy the kids some shorts for the warmer weather. Hudson ran over to play on the video game thing right by the baby section. I'll spare you the long version, but one of the other kids pushed Hudson, he stumbled backward and hit the back of his head on a metal table. As soon as I saw him go down, I knew this was it. The moment I've been dreading since he was born. Sure enough, we were both a bloody mess in a few seconds' time. Anyway, I was able to get a hold of B at work, and he said I could just bring him to his hospital. So we flew down the freeway in Oakland so Daddy and friends could put my little boy back together. Hudson was super brave during the whole ordeal and was rewarded with a full afternoon of ice cream, video games and movies.

Next: Home. After all the action, it was time to come home to rest. B had called to check on Hudson; as I was on the phone with him I saw it. A lizard. On my dining room curtains. The thing must have scampered right in through the front door. Ugh. Just to point out: I can handle spiders. It's my unofficial job here at home. I DON'T DO LIZARDS. They move too fast. And they have those scratchy little toenails. Unfortunately, B was working late so I had to deal with it. I quickly devised a plan to sneak up on it from behind with a jar. I stealthily scooped him into the jar and slammed a lid down on it, and promptly delivered him back outside.

In closing: weirdest day ever. A special thanks to B and Dr. H for taking good care of my boy. Thanks to my friend Jen for knocking some sense into me and reminding me to stay calm; and for bringing ice cream when it was all over. And to the mom of the kid who pushed Hudson: Please, please, please don't feel bad. The situation could have easily been reversed; and I saw how upset you were. I can't even imagine how you must have felt yesterday. Please don't worry. We're all fine. Actually, Hudson's pretty proud of it today.

One more thing: as we're on the way to the hospital, Hudson goes, "Mom, there's a spider on Charlotte's car seat." And there was. So not only am I a little flustered as I'm chauffeuring my bloody child to the hospital, but I'm also madly swatting at a spider so it doesn't eat my baby. Pretty sure that's distracted driving at its best.

That's all. Have a good weekend.


katherinemarie said...

What a DAY! Glad you survived with a sense of humor about it all. And with smiles (like above) it sure does make every crazy moment WORTH it! Look at that grin! ***PINCH PINCH*** PS you are really brave taking two little ones into old navy!

Ashley said...

Seriously? I'm so sorry you had such a crazy day yesterday! You are so tough. I would have had a melt down. That first pic of Charlotte is perfect. Hope your day is wonderful!

Wahzat Gayle said...

Oh yeah your day falls high up on my idea of a very sucky day.
I am just like you I hate lizards.. I can handle spiders, cockroaches, rats just keep the lizards away ARGHHH. You however are awesome I would have left the lizard for my husband to deal with.

Happy that you live through it and had ice cream to bout :)

Have a great weekend.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Holy Buckets that is one wild day! I would have freaked if I came across that lizard.We had one in our garage last summer and it was a huge. I remember freaking out and calling my husband crying cause I didn't know what to do and I was afraid it would somehow get inside.

Katie said...

whoa! what a day! i am glad H is ok. thats the kind of day that ends with ice cream and a good episode of grey's after the kids are in bed. :)

Emily said...

impressive! It sounds like you handled it very well. Happy Mothers day. EM

Heather I. said...

Are those mattress sutures or a baseball stitch?
(P.S.:Alex obviously provided me with these terms:)

christina said...

Heather, good question. (I didn't even know there were different kinds of stitches...shows what a supportive, involved wife I am.) Hutch is the one who sewed him up. Bryce wasn't too excited about sewing up his own kid. But he was on call this weekend, and every time he had to go sew someone up, Hudson now has a more first-hand understanding of what Daddy does at work all day.

PS~Erin said...

Oh dear. Wow. Way to hang in there. I guess, it's good to get it all over with in one day???

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