Thursday, April 22, 2010

Greatest Hits: We-Love-a-Spicy-Meatball-Sandwich

{Originally posted 06.09.2008. For more about Greatest Hits, read here}.

This is one of our favorite Italian places in the city:

Tomasso's, on Kearny St.

The only problem is that it's right next door to this:

And just down the street from this:

So, whenever our little family goes to Tomasso's, we quickly park the car, B grabs Hudson and I'm the lookout person for crackheads. Next we huddle together, then run as a group to the front door of Tomasso's.

I think it's the thrill of living dangerously that makes the food taste that much better.

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KELSEY C. said...

mmmm we love tomasso's! haven't brought the babe there yet...that would be an adventure :)