Thursday, March 18, 2010

good things

I was talking with some friends last night and someone mentioned how she's always expecting something to go wrong, so she's never caught off guard when it does. I've been doing the same lately. I can't decide if it's helpful or pessimistic. But it's been working for me.

I'm going to make a point of finding something good about each day amidst the crying, pouting and general destruction that are part of life with kids. Even though no day is perfect, my days are filled with great things. Today, I'm looking forward to playgroup in the city with old friends. There's something so comforting about being with people you've known for years.

So what's good about today?

{photo via i can read}


off switch said...

today i got up and did the treadmill for a half hour before school. i might go to yoga tonight. or possibly out to eat with the brother. mainly though, i'm enjoying the beautiful weather.

i'm glad you've got a playdate in the city scheduled - enjoy! and i'm with you about finding good things in each day. lately i've noticed i'm complaining more and more and once i say "today was just terrible because..." i realize that, no - today wasn't really as bad as i made it sound. you know what i mean? anyhow, take care. xo.

katherinemarie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote! Really, a quote to put into full practice and live by. There is GOOD in everyday... so much good that we focus on THAT, then the hard stuff (crying, pouting, screaming...) seems to fade away... I hope your playgroup time brought you a huge dose of happiness.