Monday, July 6, 2009

A Trip to Grandma & Grandpa's

Besides our fishing trip to the lake, here are some more photos from our trip. Little H had such a great time with his grandparents, his uncles and his aunt. It was so good to have some time with my family. By the time we left, I was truly overwhelmed by the love I have for my family. And just in case you're wondering about some of these photos, here's a little info:

1. H was an incredible candy collector at the parade this year. He even ran in front of a Howitzer to snag some saltwater taffy. That's my boy!
2. I got all teary-eyed when I saw my boy stand with his hand over his heart as the flag passed.
3. He was so excited about his blue snow cone. It was his turn to get all teary-eyed when I dropped it on the grass. It was promptly replaced with a red snow cone.
4. H helped Uncle D get the lawn ready for the weekend.
5. One of my favorite parts of the 4th of July is the Children's Parade. H's Aunt R helped him decorate his wagon, but he insisted that he be pulled by nobody other than Uncle T.
6. One thing about Mr. H: he has very sensitive ears. He's always hated fireworks because they're so loud. Good thing Grandpa had some gun-shooting earphones...they saved the day, and H could enjoy fireworks with the rest of us.
7. Slip-n-slide in the back yard. I even tried a time or two, but Little Sister wasn't very happy with me.
8. H enjoyed every moment of the bounce houses set up at the City Park.
9. He even took a head-on approach to the princess slide, so it wouldn't seem too girly.
10. Watching the parade with my Buddy.
11. There's those sensitive ears again. H had some issues with all the fire trucks and sirens as they passed during the parade.
12. My dad always puts on a great fireworks show. Also note the blow torch in his back pocket. This guy means business.

Well, that's enough of my vacation. I'll be back tomorrow with some pretty things.


Lacey Bolton said...

so good to see pics of the fam. Tell everyone hello for me!

down and out chic said...

look at him with that snow cone! too cute. i'm so glad you got all had such a good visit.

Kotori said...

How fun.... looks like you had a fabulous 4th!

Memmott Family said...

Looks like you had a great trip home!!