Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inspiring Inspiration Boards

Two things I can't live without: 1. Saving inspiring tidbits and 2. Clever organization. So it's only natural that inspiration boards are right up my alley. I've developed quite the crush on these lovely boards:

from My Home Ideas

from mayalu of the inspiring blog Maya Made

I think this was originally posted on sfgirlbybay, but I found it here.

Have a great day!


Miss Aimee said...

love these. I made the chicken wire inspiration board last yr and sprayed it hot pink in my office over a kelly green wall. LOVE IT!

Blair said...

Oh, I love these too!! I just have a boring old cork board--but I love the idea of using the clothespins so much that I may just need to replace it.

anonymously chic said...

i don't have an inspiration board (i know, right?), but i've been wanting to start one. these are all really good ideas.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I love that top board--if only I could be so tidy!

p.s. You have won the tys beauty giveaway for hair, just wanted to let you know!

xo Mary Jo

citysage said...

Love them all! That chicken wire one is really neat, and of course the twine/clothes pin combo is classic!

Do you have something like this in your house? Any plans to set one up?

ms. less is always more said...

LOVE! I need to get on getting one going for me... soon! Thanks for the nudge!

Rachel Mallon said...

Yah! I can never get enough of lovely inspiration boards. Thanks for these new ones I haven't seen before. So creative!