Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good (kind of) Clean Fun

I love finding cool toys that are simple, fun, and kid friendly/earth friendly. Here are two picks that you could feel great about giving at that next birthday party, or just because:

I love that this puzzle has four different animal faces to put together. Or just get silly and make up your own animal. What I love even more: the blocks are made from durable wood and coated with a non-toxic finish. So you can breathe easy, even if a little someone decides to take a nibble.

In my book, there's nothing more fun than fingerpainting with your kid.
And these eco friendly, kid safe fingerpaints are the cause of
the (kind of) in the title of this post.
After all those times we spend cleaning up after the kids, why not try making a mess with your child?


Lisa D said...

I love the toy suggestions that you post! A while back, you posted about Veggietales grow kits - they looked so cool so I bought them to put in the Easter baskets for my 3 nephews. It looks like such a fun spring activity.

My nephews love puzzles, so I might need to buy that puzzle for the next Birthday!

anonymously chic said...

finger painting never gets old and yay for non toxic!

Blair said...

Oh, what great finds. Love that finger paint! The packaging is really cute too.