Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Embarrassing, But True.

My family has a little joke about how they can identify the year in any photo simply by my hairstyle. This became painfully obvious when my mom had all of our school photos put together to catalog our childhood. I've never been afraid of making drastic hair changes...as proved by the pixie cut I sported a few years ago. Not a good look for me. But then again, I'm not so sure any of these are that great. You be the judge. But don't make me cry!

Really, what better place to embarrass yourself than on your own blog? I hope you get a little laugh out of this one today.


Miss Aimee said...

LOL. I sported the PUNK look...that was a BAD look. You look pretty in the trends with your hair! cute. :)

sergeilovestonya said...

Honey, at least you aren't wearing *fake* glasses and a Hypercolor tshirt in your junior year photo. Trufax!

I think you look cute in all of these!

Katherine Marie! said...

I LOVE THIS!!! hehehehehe... you are always gorgeous even with crazy hair!

citysage said...

My fave is the extreme curls at about the 7'o'clock position!

I wish I were this brave with my hair! The most interesting thing I've ever done is bangs (MISTAKE!)

christina said...

sergeilovestonya: I wasn't wearing my hypercolor tshirt in any of my school photos, but I most definitely rocked one every now and again.

Anne: The one you're talking about was 6th grade. One of my most favorite (and most awful) hairstyles ever. It's pretty obvious which decade I grew up in, right?