Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last-Minute Valentines

If you're feeling as ill-prepared for Valentine's Day as I am, you must be in the market for some last-minute Valentines to send to your loved ones. Here are some that make my cute list this year:

Sweet, simple, and printable. So you can procrastinate just a bit longer.
{heart song from three wheels design}

This one is just too cute for words!
{I Love You My Dear, from Sarah Jane Studios}

For those who don't observe Valentine's Day.
{Single Awareness Day, from nouveau designs}

This is just one in a whole bunch of darling printable valentines from the dynamic duo over at little brown pen.
{Heart Balloon, from little brown pen}

It's looking like Valentine's Day may just happen around here, after all.


Blair said...

These are all just adorable! The one with the deer is so sweet.

nichole said...

Ack! The deer and the girl kissing just made me ache. So sweet!