Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Be Mine.

Nothing melts my heart like a handmade valentine. Here's a collection of some of my favorites this year. And in case you're wondering...my valentine collection is a little late this year, but will be in my shop next week.

If you get this card from me, you know I mean business.
{from Storeyshop}

Simply stated.

I love how much you can say with one red heart.
{from nottypooch}

Nice & Tidy. Love it.
A tiny bird on a valentine = perfection.
{from alidesign}

So whether you're the cut and paste type, or the buy-it-and-be-done type, I hope this list gets you on the right track.


Blair said...

These are adorable! I cannot wait to see you yours:)

Miss Aimee said...

great post! you are totally on top of the next holiday!! We still have our house xmas lights up(yikes).

Design Lovely said...

These are adorable! I like your taste. Lovely blog!

NottyPooch said...

Hi! I found your blog through a link from Delight by Design and thanks so much for featuring our card in your blog! :)