Thursday, January 15, 2009

All about a birthday

You'll have to pardon my abscence yesterday. I was partying like a three-year-old. And let me tell you, this three-year-old knows how to party! Here's a little photo-summary of events:

His actual birthday was on Sunday. We had a little family party with a special cake that he requested. I think you can tell what the cake is supposed to be, but I'm not sure if I'll attempt any more character cakes in the near future.

Now onto the friends party:

Here's the little invitation I designed for the party. I wanted it to look kind of like an old-school carnival flier. Not sure if I managed that, but at least people showed up for the party!

When the kids arrived, they each got a bucket so they could collect their tickets and their prizes.

We had a bunch of little carnival games for the kids to play.
Really simple, and really cheap considering most of it was stuff we all ready had.

I converted my worktable into the prize station for the day.

No carnival is complete without prizes.

There were plenty of carnival foods (corn dogs, soft pretzels and kettle corn), and a couple more healthy alternatives.

I put signs up directing people to the different "attractions"

This is my absolute favorite cupcake creation, done by the fabulous Audrey.

And this is how I rewarded myself tonight when the house was (somewhat) quiet.

I do tend to go a bit overboard for birthdays, but pretty soon Hudson will be embarrassed by my antics. So I've got to live it up while I can!


citysage said...

Oh my goodness! What a shindig! You really do go all out for birthdays---I'm the same way so I can totally appreciate the thrill!

And how cute is your little guy? Look at that red hair! Plus 'Hudson' is about the coolest name I've heard in a while...

Blair said...

That is some party and one adorable little boy! Love those mason jars full of prizes.

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Hi Chris, thanks for stopping by my blog. That party makes me envious and makes me want to be 3 all over again! (Not to mention your after-party treat--yum!) Love the typeface you used and everything you did for decoration--truly splendid! Hudson must've been thrilled!

cardsbykatie said...

You did such a great job and everything was super cute!!! I hope you enjoyed that ice cream!

Bryce said...

The corndogs are out of focus.

christina said...

Um, thanks Bryce. Two things for you:
1. You don't even like corn dogs.
2. Get back to work! :)

Love you.

Design Lovely said...

He is so cute! Looks like a party!

Kotori said...

What a cute idea! I love parties that you can throw for the kids in the backyard... your decorations were so ridiculously cute!!

Jennie said...

Thanks so much for having us! The party was fantastic--so cute and creative. And I'm super impressed by the cake!