Monday, December 22, 2008

When it rains... pours. And I do mean that in the proverbial sense.

I'm sitting here laughing at the chaos that makes up my life.
I'm thinking of the way a single conversation can change your life before you even see it coming.
I'm thinking of the irony of his pager going off, the minute he drifts off to sleep.
I'm amused because the goofy guy I fell in love with is now a man who rushes out in the middle of the night to care for others.
I'm laughing at the willfulness of a child...the defiance of a little boy who can ignore my voice so easily, yet still needs my embrace.
I'm proud of myself because I've learned that I often don't know what's best for me, and that it's good when I don't get my way all the time.

Sitting here, reflecting on these sentiments, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not in control. Not one bit. And I like it. I'm learning to deal with unpredictability...and hopefully one day, I'll even be able to do it with an ounce of grace. I'm learning to soak up the joy that can be found in the ordinary, and to fully live in each moment that makes up my life. I'm learning that it's all the bumps in the road that make the ride so interesting.

And I guess it's a good thing that I love rain.
{Sorry for the strange post...I'm just in a reflective mood right now.} If you can tell, my to-do list for the weekend didn't exactly go as planned. :)

{I found this beautiful photo here}.


Blair said...

It is not a strange post at all. I love it--it is very inspiring and completely true. I feel the exact same way so much of the time but am still trying to give in to the idea of not being in control but I am getting there slowly!

Bryce said...

Honey, I'm a dentist. Seriously.