Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Friday!

{photo from here}
Some things on my to-do list this weekend:
1. Ship packages to my family
2. Finish our Christmas Cards {they turned out really cute, by the way}
3. Watch Charlie Brown Christmas
4. Visit the tree at Union Square
5. Make paper chains and popcorn garlands for the tree
6. Decorate Christmas Cookies
7. Finish all our handmade gifts
8. Splash in puddles
9. Cut out more snowflakes
10. Drive around and look at the lights

Daddy's on call all weekend, so we'll be sticking pretty close to home. And it's supposed to rain again this we're prepared with lots of fun activities to keep little hands busy indoors. Hope you have a nice cozy weekend. And good luck with all those last-minute preparations! {I know I need it!}


Miss Aimee said...

happy saturday! post your card, i want to see it!
have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yay for last minute hustle and bustle! Decorating cookies is one of my faves---especially with little ones. I swear their designs are more creative than yours or mine could ever be!

Hope you're having a great weekend Chris! With three feet of snow here on the ground here in Toronto, I could go for some SF puddle splashing right about now ;)