Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Little Clarification

While I was at the ReadyMade show, I met an editor for a popular blog. She asked if she could photograph my table and include me in a post. Naturally, I was thrilled. Tonight I went back to read the comments. One person pointed out that the images in my vintage collection are not illusrated by me. {Um, obviously...that's why they're vintage}. This reader then goes on to question my talent by saying that cutting and pasting doesn't make me talented. I respect her opinion, and she's welcome to share it with whomever she pleases.

So just for the record...my Vintage Collection is just that. It's a collection of copyright free vintage images that I've reproduced with my gocco. I've made it clear in my item descriptions that the images are "found vintage images" meaning I didn't create them. I'd be happy to share my sources if you're interested in reproducing the images yourself.


Mrs.French said...

oh goodness you must feel awful...sad how something that could have been positive turned into something just plain ugly....no need for clarification...chin up deary, those who matter know you are talented (of course I like to think I am one of those...).

Shanana said...

Way to "Stick it to 'da man," Christina (or woman in this case). There is so much more to your art than the images, themselves... It's the whole aesthetic that is so remarkable. I suppose this person would poo-poo anyone who presented stamped cards as fraudulent because they hadn't designed or fabricated said stamps.

Pppthth! (That's supposed to be me blowing a raspberry at your grouchy critic!)

Hilary said...

You rock. No need for clarification, you are ten times the talented woman I could ever hope to be.

Blair said...

Oh, christina, I am so sorry! I could not be happier with your work and I could never even begin make them myself-- you are INCREDIBLY talented. Try not to take it personally, as hard as that is.

cardsbykatie said...

Don't listen to that person - your cards are fantastic and that woman probably couldn't dream of doing anything talented so she decided to pick on someone who could! Keep doing what you do. :)