Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gift Guides: Stocking Stuffers

I think stocking stuffers are my favorite gift items to buy for the Holidays. Maybe it's their diminutive size, or maybe it's just because I loved pulling surprise after surprise out of my stocking as a child. Anyway, here are a few of my top picks under $15 this year:

Apple Jacket, from Jacqueline Knits

{Everyday I throw an apple or two into my diaper bag as I run out the door. And everyday, I end up with bruised apples. This would definitely help a girl out of her icky apple predicament.}

Mommy Calling Cards, from Sara Tams

{LOVE. Need I say more?}

Recycled Poppy Bobby Pins, from foundling
{They're recycled and pretty}

Robin Necklace, from bobbijordan
{This necklace is just too sweet for words}

Two Bar Set, from Morgan Street

{Make their stocking and their shower smell pretty}

Address Labels, from bohtieque

{Make their letter writing a little easier, and prettier, too}

Sports Cufflinks, from TillyBloom
{For that guy who's got everything}

1 comment:

Blair said...

I am working a stocking stuffer list today too! That necklace is beautiful and i love those poppy hair pins. I wanted to also let you know that I ADORE the cards-I was thinking of giving them as gifts but may just keep them for myself:)