Monday, December 1, 2008

Charley Harper

On a recent outing to Old Navy, Grandma gave into Hudson's whining and bought him this puzzle. I was about to object (it's too close to Christmas/he doesn't need another puzzle/yada yada.) But then I took a closer look; It's a Charley Harper puzzle! I heart Charley Harper. And I absolutely love the idea of a children's puzzle that also serves as an art lesson. I caught myself staring at this darling puzzle numerous times over the course of our weekend...the illustrations are just too cute. Anyway, I think it would make an excellent Christmas gift for the kiddos on your list.

For those of us who are a bit too mature for a peg puzzle, try Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life, by Todd Oldham. Now that I've seen this, I may need to revise my Christmas list.

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