Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

So my apple pie turned out to be a bit of a disaster last night, but I still have a chance to redeem myself with the stuffing. Cross your fingers that I don't siglehandedly ruin Thanksgiving with my stuffing. According to Williams' Family tradition, there's a lot riding on the stuffing. As I'm told, the entire quality of our Thanksgiving as a whole depends on this stuffing. No pressure.

{Since my pie is a little on the burned side, I had to borrow this photo from Tastespotting.}

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, and I really hope your pie turns out better than mine!


Emily said...

I have been watching you tube video's on how to cook a turkey... Let just say I am a bit nervous to see how it all turns out. Love, Em -Happy Thanksgiving.

Blair said...

Wow - that IS alot of pressure!Hope the stuffing turned out well. I am sure that the pie tasted great even if it was a little bit on brown side:)