Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Music Legend and a Bad Cold

This is just one of a series of embarrassing moments from my life. I don't know why I feel the need to share these things. I should cling to the last shred of dignity I have, but I hope you get a good laugh.

The Boy had been sick all week with a bad cold. Complete with fever, sleepless nights, plenty of sniffles and sneezes and sad little scratchy little voice. It was Saturday, and I'd spent a full week of alternately trying to nurse The Boy back to health and feeling sorry for myself because I'd been stuck inside for days. I suggested to Daddy that we make an outing to Mama's for breakfast. After all, some fresh air and delicious chocolate cinnamon french toast were bound to lift our spirits.

We got there just as they opened, so as to avoid waiting in line for a hour. We made it through most of our breakfast uneventfully, but toward the end The Boy was starting to get a bit grumpy. We horked down the rest of our breakfast and I took him outside while Daddy paid and gathered up the toys we'd strewn about the floor.

The Boy hit the ground running, as he always does. He stopped short and let out tremendous, explosive sneeze; which subsequently left a mess on his upper lip. I panicked when I realized that Daddy had the diaper bag containing the Kleenex. The Boy was starting to smear the mess all over his face. I tried to distract him by pointing out a nearby dog, hoping that Daddy and the Kleenexes would come to our rescue at any moment. When The Boy started licking his slimy upper lip, I knew I had to take action. I reached out and took matters into my own hands. Literally. Then I sheepishly scanned the line of people waiting for breakfast to see if anybody was watching. You can imagine my relief to discover that nobody saw what had just occurred. Then I looked up and locked eyes with the owner of the dog. It was Carlos Santana.

He was just standing there laughing at the whole situation. Just as I blushed, Daddy walked out the door and I quickly exited the scene. I'm glad Mr. Santana got a good laugh that day. Lucky for him, I didn't ask to shake his hand.
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mycomingtolife said...

Well, I realize I'm a little out of place on this blog--but I'm okay with that.

I must say, this little narrative is hilarious. Oh, the glamors of parenting!

Good luck with the new blog.