Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Miss Coit Tower

Coit Tower, originally uploaded by pixieclipx.

Today, we had the pleasure of returning to our old playgroup in the city to celebrate a birthday. When we got onto the western span of the Bay Bridge, My Boy started squealing, "I see it! Mom, I see COIT TOWER!!!" It's quite remarkable that my two-year-old even knows what Coit Tower is, let alone loves it so much.

We took the long way to playgroup so he could see Coit Tower as long as possible. While he was looking at it, he said in his pouty voice, "Mom, I miss Coit Tower." So true, My Boy, so true.

I miss San Francisco. I miss the City I love so much. I miss my wonderful friends. I'm very excited about this new adventure in life, but I will always love San Francisco. I guess it must be true what they say about leaving your heart in San Francisco.

Also, I have to say that today was such a refreshing change for me. I've been trying so hard the last few weeks to make some new friends for me and My Boy. My days have been filled with awkward situations and awkward conversations as we've attended different community moms groups/playgroups. I miss how effortless it is to be around old friends. I know I'll eventually make new friends...I just hate this in between part. And I'll always cherish my old friends. In fact, I think I've gained a greater appreciation for the relationships I was able to form over the last several years.


Jennie said...

I love this new blog! Such interesting, informative posts! And your family painting is incredible. It was great to see you yesterday.

Addi said...

Of course you left your heart in SF! I love this new blog and am pretty sure I'll be investing in pink tweezers in the near future.

I'm with Jennie--the family painting is amazing! I want one of those to go along with my pink tweezers