Tuesday, August 26, 2008


When I opened my email today, I found a newsletter from Spoonflower. It's this cool new site where you can design your own fabric. They're still testing it right now, so when you sign up for an account your name is put on a wait list until they send you a invite. I applied some time ago, and never heard back. I just assumed I wasn't up there on the list yet. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found their newsletter in my inbox today. Somehow, my invite must have been put in my spam folder or something.

Anyway, I ordered my first design swatch today. It's just a simple silhouette I'd done for another project. I did it in some of the colors in my bedroom. (Which might change soon, anyway). And I just wanted to order a test print to see how it all works. I'm not sure how my design and colors will translate to fabric, so I just ordered the swatch to be safe.

I'm so excited! Just what I need...another way to waste time. But now I'm going to be daydreaming of all the great fabric I can create! Now I can have exactly the fabric I want. Hooray!

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Emily said...

Ok, thats very cool. I love the design as well.
I sure wish you and your creativity lived closer. Love Emily