Monday, June 9, 2014

Rad Dad Printable Cards

Father's Day is on Sunday. Are you ready to knock his socks off? Donut breakfast in bed? Family water balloon fight? A super-neat new necktie? How do you tell him he's the apple of your eye? However you show him your love, add to it with this simple printable card. Print one for each of your kids and let them color in a fun background to snazz it up a bit. Or put some coupons inside for a trip to his favorite movie theater, a sleep-in Saturday, or an outing to his favorite fishing hole.

Show that Dad in your life how much you love him with some heartfelt words. Some dads are tricky to shop for, but a love note goes a long way. Even if Dad's a regular old tough guy, he likes to know you think he's super rad. 

Download the printable file here.

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