Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Happy October, Friends!
We are one Halloween-lovin' family. We've been busy planning parties, choosing costumes and perfecting our menacing laughter. Over the weekend we couldn't wait one moment longer so we broke into our Halloween box.

Spiders and skulls are where it's at this year. I love how I can work a little bit of creepy into our everyday style. We still have some extensive decorating to do; but we're off to an admirable start.

Spiders on a mirror = double the trouble. And who's that fellow peering in the window?

Bryce added the finishing touch by taking advantage of the architectural features of the room. This guy has startled me several times as I bumble down the stairs in the dark. And what's that behind him? Snow on the mountain tops? It's just sitting there--taunting me--inching its way closer. I'm not ready.

In my current read (Lord Jim, by Joseph Conrad) I happened upon this little gem. Very appropriate for Halloween, but not cheesy. The perfect way to add some literature to your Halloween.

I made a little printable for you. Just in case there are any fellow bookworms and/or Halloween enthusiasts out there. Go here to download the printable.


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