Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY Candy Corn Bunting

Anybody else sick of candy corn? I buy it first thing every fall, intending to use it for a variety of projects: vase filler, cookie decorating, etc. But then I dive in headfirst in a desperate moment. I eat them nonstop until I finally move on to "testing" the snack-size goodies for trick-or-treaters. Somebody's gotta do quality control on all that candy. I'm just looking out for the neighborhood kids; being a responsible citizen and all. Somebody should probably give me an award.

I may be sick of eating candy corn, but I can still look at it this year. Barely. The simple shapes, stripes, and bright colors of these cheerful candies gave me the inspiration I needed for this little garland. Give yourself 20 minutes, a glue stick and a stack of card stock and you're almost there.

Step 1: cut some triangles of orange paper
Step 2: tear strips of yellow and white paper
Step 3: glue the strips to the orange triangles
Step 4: punch holes and string the triangles together
Step 5: step back and admire your new festive decoration

Happy Halloween!

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