Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter List Progress

When a new activity checklist pops up on the fridge, my kids get right to work. Oddly enough, they don't have the same attitude concerning the chore checklist. Strange. They mean business with these activities, though. And we've made a decent dent in the list during its first week on the fridge.

Here are a few of our favorites so far:

Mini Volcanos: It's the same concept as the baking soda/vinegar volcano minus all the paper maché mess. Just use an eye dropper to drop colored vinegar onto a bed of baking soda and ta-da...instant science project, with minimal mess.

Bubble Painting: We'd been trying to freeze bubbles outside, but alas, it was too windy. So we tinted our bubbles with food coloring and marched downstairs for an art project instead. The kids really loved this one. And now we've got a super-sized masterpiece to hang on our bare playroom walls. Everybody wins.

P.S. photos are grainy and horribly lit. That's the way we roll in the basement at night. Just keeping it real. You're welcome.

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Elizabeth said...

This is fantastic! It looks like so much fun. I would like to try it and I don't even have children!