Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Eats: Macaroni Salad

I have a handful of recipes I turn to when we've got a busy day ahead. The recipes that fall into this category are those that can be made ahead of time, and that I usually have all the ingredients ready in my pantry. So when I know we've got activities scheduled up until dinner time I whip up one of my Quick Eats early in the day. When we get home and we're starving and/or having meltdowns dinner is ready and waiting in the fridge.

Here's a little recipe for macaroni salad:
Granted, I used Farfalle and not macaroni, but that's all I had. That's the beauty of this recipe. Use what you have and keep it interesting. Cook the pasta, drain and rinse with cool water. While the pasta's cooking toss all the other ingredients in a large bowl. I don't measure...I just keep throwing stuff in. The more the merrier, right? Cut the pickles and cheese into bite-size chunks, and don't forget to drain the tuna and the olives. I know Miracle Whip vs. Mayo is a really scandalous issue, so use whichever you feel more comfortable with. Put it in a separate bowl, thin it down with some milk until it reaches a consistency you like, add some salt and pepper, then dump it in the bowl with everything else. Add the cooled pasta and stir it all up. Cover and refrigerate until dinnertime. Bonus points for using fancy serving bowls. ;)

P.S. Naturally my kids won't eat this meal. Waaaaay too many things touching each other here. I usually cook extra pasta and save some plain, bare naked noodles in a separate container before I let all the ingredients start touching one another. We can heat up a bowl of boring noodles for the kiddos when it's time to eat.

This is great as a meal by itself, or serve as a side dish...either way, it's quick easy and you don't have to think about another meal until tomorrow.

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Km said...

Looks amazingly delish!