Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lunchbox Roundup

I know many of you have kids in school all ready. We've still got a few weeks left of summer vacation, but we're getting our gear all lined up. The lunchbox is next on our to-do list. 

Here are my top picks for unique, stylish lunch totes. My first-grader will likely end up choosing something slathered with cartoon characters. Perhaps I'll have to get one of these just to keep on hand as a backup. ;)
And for those of you who take your lunch to work, some of these are pretty great options for grownups, too.

1. Snappy Trails Lunch Bag
2. Fruitful Friendship Bento Box
3. Brown Paper Bag Lunch bag
4. Oots Lunchbox kit
5. Learning to Print Lunch Bag
6. Nigel the Shark lunchbox
7. Retro Scooter Lunch Bag

I'd better start thinking about what I'm going to send for lunch. I have a feeling this is going to take a little more thinking ahead than I'm used to doing. Any tips?

P.S. Don't forget...the Sora Designs Giveaway ends tonight. Hurry and enter while it's still open. Good luck!


1 comment:

Km said...

My vote is for number seven!!!! Adorable!! We use laptop lunches!! :)