Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This guy showed up on Pinterest quite a while ago:

And since then, I've been getting lots of inquiries as to when I'm going to start selling my jewelry.
Well, today's that day! Hooray! I'm starting out (very) small...because a newborn in the mix and my other side projects haven't left a lot of time for sparkly goodies. But I'm going to keep a handful of items available to test the waters.  Here's my current selection:

I've added some extra photos here to show the full length and the size of the stones. 

A little more helpful information:
All the stones shown are hydro quartz (man-made)...but I can make the necklaces with semi-precious gemstones as well...they're just more pricey.
All the gold is 24-karat gold electroplated (overlay) which is fantastically durable and perfect for everyday. 

So there you have it. I've now done two things this year that I've been afraid of doing for a while. I started a facebook page, and I'm selling my jewelry. There I go again stepping out of that ol' comfort zone. Yikes!!!


Modern Frills said...

you should sell them. they are beautiful:)

Wahzat Gayle said...

woohoo and woohoo
that is wonderful love them all. You are wonderfully talented. Where do you have the prices though?
and you have a facebook page I am going to like it now.

Jeannie said...

These are beautiful, I hope that works out well for you. Don't forget to save the info on your customers, you will probably have repeat buyers if you let them know you have something new.