Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sad United States

Hudson's birthday is tomorrow. We're just about to get started making his Sonic the Hedgehog birthday shirt. As I cleared a path in my disaster (um, I mean office) to find my screen printer I ran across these drawings. These may actually be my all-time favorites. He delivered them to me and B one night in November after we'd done something super mean. Like told him he couldn't play video games, or stay up late, or eat a bunch of junk food (I don't remember the specifics). All I know is we run a pretty tight ship around here, so there's no room for funny business.  ;)

When I asked him why the United States was sad, he replied, "Because I'M sad!" 
Yes, My Love, the entire country mourns with you when you can't stay up past your bedtime. 

I can't even tell you how many times a week I break this poor guy's heart. 
Good thing he's resilient. 

So basically, the point of this post: kids are awesome. Especially my kids. I mean, most days I feel like pulling my hair out. But when it comes right down to it, I sure think they're pretty cool. I love that Hudson is getting so good at expressing his feelings. And I think it's pretty rad that he can draw the United States better than I can.

Now I gotta stop stalling and go make some T-Shirts.



Holly said...

this is SO awesome!!

im pretty sure i wrote my mom + dad letters when they made me super mad, would love to get my hands on those now. haha!

Chelsea said...

This is hilarious! I love them.

WMBG said...

very cute! :)



Big D and Me said...

Their art and drawings are so wonderful - my 6 year old just sent a thank you card he wrote by himself. It included the word "poop," maybe not quite as darling as Hudson's drawing but it cracked me up

Cherry Blossoms said...

Oh for cute! That just made me chuckle. Kids crack me up.
Earlier this week a Kindergarten at my school asked me if I was wearing a costume. I guess my ruffled dress with leggings outfit needs to be tossed out?!

Jackie said...

Oh I for sure have a few of those drawings floating around the house too! But the sad united states is the best!

km said...

awwwwww my heart is brokin... what a precious and SMART KID! He is lucky to you as a mama!!! You must be in serious nesting or baby loving mode right now. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!