Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Long Time

It's been a long time since I've showed my little blog any attention. October felt like nothing short of a three-ring circus. We ran from event to event, checkups and soccer practice; field trips and parties. I just squeaked by every time I faced a project deadline. Not to mention we threw a little bit of travel into the mix and stared some huge life decisions in the face. It's an understatement to say that I'm so glad November is here. Hopefully this month will be a little more kind to me. Or maybe I need to be a little more kind to myself and stop saying yes to everything everyone asks me to do. (Jill & Angel...I think I'm starting to see the light).
And the big elephant in the room, at least the big elephant in my mind is the fact that Bryce finishes his residency in June. That's seven months away. All the big decisions that I've been avoiding for the last 7-10 years are now barreling down on us. October forced us to talk about contracts, and locations, and money, and moving and all this grownup stuff I've ignored whilst in the trenches of schooling. I've felt pretty protected by dental school and residency because I figured they'd never be over. Wrong! I knew I'd be excited when this time came. And it is exciting. What I wasn't expecting were the other emotions. In addition to the excitement, I'm also terrified, stressed and nervous. Basically, I'm afraid of making the wrong decision. Because now our decisions affect some really cute tiny people, too.

A few other highlights of October:
  • Notice how I'm starting to fill out my Splendid maternity top quite nicely? I mentioned to a friend yesterday that I feel like my face is starting to get puffy and she confirmed it. Not exactly the response I was going for. But honesty never killed anyone, did it?
  • I'm not sure if it's pregnancy or old age, but my all ready horrible eyesight is getting much worse. Is it sad that all I want for my birthday is an eye exam and a new pair of glasses?
  • Charlotte had a pretty rough month, too. She suffered both a bee sting to the bottom of the foot and bumped her chin hard enough that her tooth went all the way through her lip. She made up for taking a few hard knocks by wearing her tutu everywhere for the remainder of October. She ended the month on a high-note by celebrating her second birthday. 
  • Hudson had his first field trip ever, turned in a stellar performance for his school's walk-a-thon, and had a pretty awesome halloween. Oh, and he lost another tooth and has four more in varying stages of wobbly-ness.

So there you have it. That's why I haven't been around much lately. Lots of crazy, fun, exciting stuff going on. I feel like November is full of good things, though. We're close to figuring out our post-graduation gameplan, I've decided to embrace my pregnancy puffiness and eat my way through the holidays; and if I can clean off my desk, I've got loads of fun holiday projects in the works. To those of you who have sent kind words and expressed concern at my absence, THANK YOU! Your kindness means more to me than you'll ever know.

Happy November!


PhotoPuddle said...

Oh poor Charlotte! Glad to hear she had a fabulous tutu for comfort.

Big D and Me said...

Glad to here you and your family are well and busy. I am familiar with the worry of "making the wrong decision" but honestly as long as you are together as a family you can figure everything else out. Enjoy eating through the holidays

k said...

HAPPY HAPPY NOVEMBER back to you!!! What a month you had... so glad YOU ALL survived. I hope your Nov will be a nothing but a breeze of relaxation and happiness!! I'm feeling like I can't get a hold on any of my projects and now that I'm looking at baby this month I'm thinking my nov might be like your oct! But you made it... so can I! LOVE YOU! :):):) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Emily Reese said...

I am excited to hear where your little family will end up. I am hoping SLC is in your thoughts.... Love, Em

p.s your belly is darling and just the right size!

Wahzat Gayle said...

SO happy that you posted 'cause I was just about to bombard you with question on all the places that I follow you! LOL

Poor baby and her booboos... nothing like a tutu to cheer you up though.

I am pretty sure that the poor eyesight is a result of your pregnancy. I was blurry for all three of mine but then I turned 40 and now I just plain can't see the fine print anymore LOL.

Good to see that you are good