Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recipe Cards

When I was newly married (almost ten years ago!) I made a project of neatly printing all of my recipes on matching recipe cards. But as the years went on, I found that my favorite, most splattered-on recipes were the ones written on index cards by my grandmothers, or the one my mom wrote on one of her recipe cards. Not only are these my most cherished recipes, but they're easiest to find because they stand out in my recipe box because they don't match every other card in the file.

You know I'm a girl who appreciates cute stuff; but when it comes to cooking I'm all business. I need plenty of space to write a recipe. I don't want to have to dodge dangling salt & pepper shakers, or have half the card taken up with an image of grapes. I want clean, simple, no-nonsense recipe cards.

It's with all these things in mind that I created the first installment in my recipe card collection. I wanted to offer cute, durable, and functional recipe cards that would stand out from the crowd. I sent these babies to my professional printer, and they're thick and durable with a clean, smooth writing surface. Everything I've ever wanted in a recipe card. And I'm so excited that they're finally available in my shop.

Happy cooking!

P.S. The kids and I are over at good tots today baking cinnamon chips. Come take a peek. And bring your appetite!

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km said...

So pretty!!!!