Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Favorite Free Printables

Even though I love to design my own paper goods, sometimes I'm in a pickle and need a quick fix. Sometimes I'm in a creative rut and I can barely manage a scribbled a note on an old napkin. And sometimes other people's stuff is just better than mine. I'm no fool.
Kind Cards, from Kind over Matter
Thank goodness we live in a time when brilliant free printables are everywhere. My only problem is keeping track of them all. It's dizzying, really. This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface, but I've compiled a list of my favorite places for free printables.

  1. Kind Over Matter (printables)
  2. Wild Olive (printables)
  3. Love vs. Design (printables)
  4. iDIY (printables)
  5. Creative Mama (printables)
  6. We Love to Illustrate (printables)
  7. simple as that (printables)
  8. Sprik Space (printables)
  9. Eat Drink Chic (printables)
  10. Anything but Perfect (printables)
  11. Cottage Industrialist (printables)

I'm giving you the links to both the blogs and the printables. Because behind every great source for printables is an even better blog. So take some time and explore these incredible blogs while you're at it.
Have a great day.



Big D and Me said...

Thanks - I have visited Kind Over Matter & Sprik Space - the others are all new to me

km said...

I wish I had a nice printer to make all these LOVELY printables!!!