Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Cover-Up

I've always heard friends talk about how much sooner they start showing with each subsequent pregnancy. They're not kidding. I wasn't ready for the "big reveal" right away, although my waistline started shouting out the news pretty quickly. Thank heavens for all the great slouchy, stripy tops this season. I have to say that my slouchy little plan worked pretty well.* In case you have a "little secret" to hide, let me point you in the right direction:

Top: 1. American Apparel, 2. Bobeau, 3. Ella Moss, 4. Olivia Moon
Bottom: 1. Bobeau, 2. Olivia Moon , 3. Olivia Moon, 4. Anthropologie

*Here's a little tip: if you really want to keep something a secret, definitely don't share it with your five-year-old. My son told his best buddy, and together, they dazzled others with the news as I taught a lesson at church. There were definitely a few raised eyebrows that day, along with some not-so-discreet glances at my midsection. So if you don't count all the people in my class that day, my cover-up worked wonders.



Big D and Me said...

I never tell my kids until I practically have a basketball there for that exact reason - In fact, I was 21 weeks pregnant with my daughter and still hadn't told them. My 3 yr old said, "Mom, you're getting fat. You need to stop eating." I decided to tell him then and there that I was pregnant, back off, and let me eat my cookie.

km said...

hehehehe... kids like to share the BIG SPECIAL NEWS with everyone!!! Emerson started sharing our news BEFORE I TOLD ANYONE-- including Randy! I can't believe how intuitive they are!!!