Monday, June 27, 2011

Keep 'em Busy: On the Go

If your summer plans include traveling, I'm sure one of your top priorities is keeping those kids busy while en route to your final destination. Whether we're in the car or on a plane, I like to keep several surprises handy to distract them when moods start to crumble. Or when I get tired of hearing, "Are we there yet?" I'm a huge fan of the Land of Nod's arts and crafts for  unexpected and unique surprises to keep up my sleeve. Here are a few of my favorites:

Love the handy travel case of this Art On the Go Case
Washable markers, colored pencils and oil pastels give them plenty of options on the go. And you can save the watercolors for later. (Unless you're super brave and want to take full advantage of that tray table on the plane). 

Unusually-shaped crayons are always a huge hit.
And chubby toddler hands can grasp these Rock Shaped Crayons
just like the big kids.

Hudson got this Robot Stencil Set
for Christmas, and it's been an MVP in my "distraction arsenal" ever since.
It fits perfectly into my bag, and it's great for car trips, restaurants, and everywhere in between.

I can just imagine the three of us snuggled up in our seats
on the plane giggling madly as we put on a little puppet show with these Animal Hand Stickers
 Distraction at its finest. Not to mention you'd definitely be the coolest mom on the plane. 

I used to love lacing cards as a kid. Perfect activity when quiet matters. And these Fairy Threading Cards
are just too cute. 

And for the burgeoning fashionista, a Fashion Coloring Book
Charlotte's gonna love this in another year. I might need one for myself, too.

While you're cruising along, give them the task of Coloring Postcards
so they can send a little love to their buddies back at home.

Happy Trails!


jeanine said...

Love these!!!

km said...

I need that scribble it post card set! :):) Land of Nod is so cool. They have an outlet about 3 hours from us. Wanna go?