Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! I'm ending the week with a list of things making me happy right now. Hope you all have a great weekend. xo

This top makes me happy.

 This Necklace makes me happy

Vintage phones make me happy

Pink toenails make me happy.

cozy sweatshirts make me happy

This elephant makes me happy

these words make me happy

this blog, and these knots makes me happy
I'm also happy because the weather is gorgeous today, we're having an indoor campout tonight (complete with tent and s'mores), I have loads of exciting new projects in the works, and because H and I have been doing fun science experiments all week. 

Why are you happy today?


Daphne said...

These are cute. I have that same vintage phone in red at our summer house in Turkey. It is actually sitll in use!
Love that hairstyle.

Natalia Cabrera said...

Happy weekend!.
That black and white top make me happy too...
"Why are you happy today?": O.k. I belive in happiness, in love and dreams.


km said...

I absolutely NEED that green phone in pink.

Hair Romance said...

Hello! Almost a week late but I'm happy you linked to my blog. Thanks xx