Monday, February 7, 2011

Eye Candy

Les petites douceurs

If the previous post was a little chocolate heavy for you, or if you're actually trying to exercise a little self-discipline and not dive head-first into a vat of chocolate, maybe this print is more up your alley.

And really, how much do I neeeed this for my kitchen? Although, I wouldn't be able to stop at just this print. I would need a full-on kitchen redecoration session. Complete with a frosty pink and minty green color scheme with cherry red accents. Just a little food for thought. (terrible pun intended...I'm hilarious. I know).

1 comment:

km said...

THESE are my KINDA SWEETS! Nothing beats cotton candy and meringue treats!!! :):) mmmm mmmmm... I like your FOOD for THOUGHT series... but now I need to work off those extra calories from looking at your pretty pictures.