Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Curiosity: Calendar of the Month

I can't even stand the cuteness of Curiosity's Calendar of the Month
Sign up here to join the club, and you'll receive a new (free!) calendar by email each month. 
It's simple: Download, assemble, and giggle in delight every time you look at it.

 Images: Curiosity, via Paper Crave.


piccolinadesigns said...

Made my day. Thanks!! :)

km said...

LOVE THEM!!!! BUT I already have the MOST DARLING calendar on my desk... :):):)

Daphne said...

I signed up. They are so adorable. Will be a fun art project with the kids and help teach them months. I am struggling so much getting my son interested in learnind days/months.
Love your 'photo of the week' by the way!

Lauren said...

Thanks so much for the post!
-Lauren (Curiosity)