Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Work Sucks

Scene: Bath time
Characters: Mom, Hudson, Charlotte

Mom: Sits Charlotte in the hallway; starts water in the tub
Charlotte: cries at top of lungs, for no obvious reason 
Hudson: (Bothered by screaming) Kicks soccer ball at Charlotte with astounding accuracy
Charlotte: Grunts as wind is knocked out of her. Once she recovers her breath, begins screaming again. This time an octave higher
Mom: Yell at Hudson, drag him (literally) to his room for time out. Bathe Charlotte to the tune of Hudson alternately sobbing and throwing things
Hudson: Finally calmed down, apologizes
Mom & Hudson: Make up and hug; meanwhile, Charlotte speed-crawls, naked, through the house
Mom: Get Hudson in tub, try to locate naked baby
(Phone rings) Family member needing love and support. Try to offer words of encouragement while unsuccessfully diapering Charlotte
Hudson: Screams for help
Mom: Hangs up on family member; runs to bathroom
Hudson: Standing in tub, just learned that a handful of soap + itchy eye = pain
Mom: Tries to flush eye out with water. Tub water is too soapy. Lifts him, dripping, out of tub and wraps him in towel. Lays him on bathroom counter and commences eye-flushing 
Hudson: Screeches and screams like a little girl during eye rinsing process
Charlotte: Meanwhile, still naked. Pees on carpet. Giggles about it
Hudson: The ordeal is over. Puts on pajamas. Still whimpering
(Phone rings) It's Daddy, calling to say he'll be home late. Wonders how our day is going.

And Scene.

I have yet to meet a person who loves every second of their job. My job is totally sweet, but I'll be the first to say it's not always pretty around here. 

Enter: Knock Knock products. They just made the ugly parts of work a little bit better. Whether you work in an office, a hospital, or a household they have a product that says exactly what you're thinking.

Deal With This


Parenting Flash Cards

A good sense of humor, with a side dish of wit really makes the sucky parts of work not so bad.


Jill GG (good life for less) said...

oh boy... we've had those episodes! Hopefully you can laugh about it now... that's all you can do! I hope that "recovery kit" has a pop-up glass of Chardonnay!

ps. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog yesterday... I would take a homemade meal from you any day (but not after a day like this! that wouldn't be fair! :)

Daphne said...

That first script sounds like something out of my house. I was laughing reading it. You said it right. It sure isn't always pretty.

KM said...

Nope it's not always pretty! sometimes it takes a whole lotta effort to look beyond the kicks and screams and tears and SMILE.