Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Monday

This morning my head is swirling with all sorts of wonderful, random I'm going to purge them here for your viewing delight:

My sister gave me a pair of  black sparkly TOMS for my birthday. I love them so much. But now I'm dying over the baby TOMS. Hey Santa: I think these would be the most practical, everyday shoes for Charlotte. No?

I'm doing a happy dance at this very moment thinking about the soft, fuzzy Christmas wreath I'm going to make with these babies. 

All I have to say is: cutest fall cards. Ever. Click the link above to download them free.

My friend Jen made one of these turkey shirts for Charlotte. I love it so much that I kind of want to make one for myself. Er, I mean, for Hudson. 

My latest TV obsession: How I Met Your Mother. Hilarious.
B and I are having fun catching up on all the past seasons.


And I don't have an image for this last one...but if you're a blogger (or not), read this article. It puts my love/hate relationship with blogging into words. Marta's is one of the blogs I've been reading the longest, and I really admire her creativity, her honesty and her writing skills. I think I'm gonna have to read this article every time I think about quitting my blog.

Now we're off for a day of playing with cousins and Thanksgiving prep. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


km said...

ohhhh I adore those little felt balls and those SHOES!!! Too much!!!!

km said...

I just went over to that felt ball store and NOW I AM DOING A HAPPY DANCE. :):) Thank you!

Wahzat Gayle said...

Oh wow I have missed so much on your space.... you have a new look that will take some getting use to :)
Very professional though.
I am loving How I met Your Mother as well it is hilarious!
Going to comment on as many posts as my girls will let me:)

Anonymous said...

oh my word, How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite tv shows around (not that i watch too much tv). hilarious!
enjoy catching up. :)