Monday, November 8, 2010

On My Mind: Matryoshka Dolls

I don't know anyone who can resist the cuteness of a Matryoshka. They're happy and colorful and delightfully rotund. Here are a few sweet Matryoshkas that have caught my eye and captured my heart.

Grey Matryoshka Ornament
Add a sweet, soft version to your holiday decor this year. 
Soft, unbreakable ornaments are a must for us this year with ol' Bubs on the loose.

Russian Dolls Embroidery Pattern
Embroidered Matryoshkas? Yes, Please.

Matrushka Dolls Rubber Stamp Set - Set of 3 stamps

Make some simple gift tags, or spiff up your outgoing mail.

Saint Tea-tersburg Tea Set
Saint Tea-tersburg Tea Set

Have tea for two with this darling tea set. The best part? There's another tea cup nestled inside the blue one.

Baby Doll Peasant Dress
What's cuter than a Matryoshka? A little girl in a Matryoshka dress. That's what.

Smaller & Smaller Loungers
I just found my perfect rainy Sunday afternoon pants.
Note to self: Add these to Wish List, ASAP.

On my to-do list today: Print these labels and note pads from A Print a Day.
Quite possibly the cutest free download ever.

Seeing all these in one place is making my obsession grow by the second. Hope you had a great weekend.


jeanine said...

My husband served a mission in Russia... he brought several Matryoshka dolls home for his mom... but none for his own future home! I still can't believe that we don't have any in our home. But I may just have to get that first one for our Christmas tree!

Alexis said...

What is it about those dolls...I love them too. Your post made me smile, thank you!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

The teaset is such a darling!