Friday, November 19, 2010

Kids' Table

Thanksgiving is hard for kids. They have to wait, and wait and wait while the grownups make dinner. Then they have to sit at the table while the grownups eat, and eat and eat. Here are a few ideas to use before, during and after the big meal to keep those little hands busy. Click the links below for the how-to's and image sources.


Patricia Torres said...

could it get any more gorgeous.. love how those place mats are drawn on the brown paper.. amazing idea!!

Holly said...

a bowl of olives to put on your fingers always helped me :)

Jennifer said...

I'm a new follower with a new blog. I have loved your blog for the last several months. I think it is a really beautiful site and I love the items you choose to share. I have the world poster you showed the other day on my Christmas list - I love it that much - thanks for your time-

Jennifer said...

I meant ot say "Hi" sorry about that

KM said...

SOOOOOO DARLING!!! I did a simple version of Sweet Paul's table setting last year... the kiddos liked it. :):) I hope your Thanksgiving is WONDERFUL!!!!!!