Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Project Wish List

So many projects, so little time. Here are (some) of the projects on my to-do list:

"True Love" Embroidery patterns via Spot Colors.

I want to make a set of tea towels with each of her darling designs in the True Love series.
And wouldn't these make the cutest hostess gift?

Since Bubs (Charlotte) has a Halloween birthday, you can bet we're going all out for Halloween around here.

And while we're talking Halloween, how 'bout these little mini-candy bar wrappers from Trillustrations?

I'm stock piling my toilet paper tubes (really) for a rainy day.
Since we're fresh off our Disneyland vacation, I think the Seven Dwarfs will go over pretty well.
More info here.

And for the day that I'm feeling extra-ambitious, I'm gonna whip up one of these little party skirts for Baby Charlotte. If it goes well, maybe I'll make a little somethin' for myself. That might be pushing my meager sewing skills...but isn't this a cute skirt? Photo and tutorial can be found on Ucreate.

One final project: Hudson's been missing his buddies since they started kindergarden this year. I think we'll throw a Pirate Playdate one day after school. He can hang out with his new preschool buddies and the super-cool kindergarden crowd. They can all bond over buried treasure.

And the cutest printables from the Cottage Industrialist will add the perfect touch to a Pirate Playdate.


KM said...

The pirate play date sounds PERFECT and oh so fun! That donut-balloon spread is absolutely DARLING-- how do martha's stylists make the SIMPLEST ideas look so AMAZING!? Just because of that picture I want to set THAT up under my staircase. :)

Gina said...

I'd love to see your finished True Love PBJ when you're done. :)

Great collection of projects. Love the balloon jack-o-lanterns! I wanna do that too!